Low Rent Chef Intro video

As the first episodes fast approach, I've been assembling all of the final details/last little objects that nobody ever remembers to get until the last minute. One of these is a short intro, sort of an "opening credits" if you will. Since I am doing this show 100% on my own, rather than repeat my name with a bunch of self-important job titles below it over and over, I decided to just skip all that crap to begin with and make something cleaner. This is what I came up with for the first gen design, though I will probably change it every year or so, both as a way to help me visually separate which episodes are from what time frame (because I'm apparently too lazy to read the info page on YouTube). It's also a way make sure that the show keeps getting updated over time, so that it doesn't get stale. Anyways, without any further adieu, here's the intro to the show. I think the results capture the whole, "Don't take this all too seriously, because I'm not going to" attitude I want the show to have. I'm pretty happy with it. (Yes, the green bit at the end will be composited out, and will fade into the beginning of the actual video.)


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