Afterparty Twitch Overlay Test 1

Here is a test of the video overlay I'll be using for the Low Rent Chef Afterparty Twitch broadcast. It's not fully locked down, but it's pretty close. I still need to add in a few things (Donation, Follower, and Subscriber alerts and displays), and also move the lower bar down about 50 pixels so that it won't block the HUD on Advanced Warfare. It's easier to show than tell, so here's the clip. I'm open to suggestions to improving the overlay and production (on my Call of Duty skills, I'll ask you to withhold judgment until I'm on my new PC so that I can run it properly while streaming, lol)

(I recommend clicking on the gear icon in the lower left and setting it on something 720p or higher)

        Anyways, after you finish watching it, please let me know what you think about the layout. There was no chat interaction on this clip, but there will be once the channel goes live. 


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